NEW! Wooden Bubble Tea Magnets by TOOFUNNI now available for $8 CAD. So cute!

Vacation Time July 8-17, 2021

Photo of Carrie and Derek


When we started this business 3 years ago, we didn't expect it to grow so quickly and become a full-time passion that we enjoy running so much. Before Reusable Bubble Tea Cup, we both worked full-time jobs and constantly had outdoor adventures lined up for our days off, like hiking and snowboarding. As our business thankfully grew and grew, we found ourselves working evermore and taking time off less and less. I think we only went snowboarding 1 day in the last 3 years vs 10+ times in one season pre-reusablebbtcup.

Not gonna lie, for a young couple working all day and then coming home and working all night on cups, it has been hard to work on our relationship. Work/life balance is a true skill that needs to be worked on every day, planned for, and anticipated. Sometimes we would plan to go on a date, but then orders come in and I find myself wanting to work on the orders instead of hanging out. #workaholic 😅 So we're finally turning off our phones & laptops and taking a true vacation!

We are so close to finishing shipping out all the bamboo lid cup pre-orders. After that, as a reward to ourselves:

Our online store will be "closed" from July 8-17, 2021. Any orders placed on or after July 8 will ship out around July 21, 2021. Any messages/emails we receive during this time will be replied to by July 21, 2021.

Please order now if you need anything for birthdays/events/yourself this month! We are dedicated to working extra hard this week prior to putting it all away for our little vacation. I'm honestly nervous and don't know if I can turn off my work brain (I truly love this business as if it is our baby) but I will use all my willpower to focus on disconnecting and recharging.

💘 And a little friendly reminder to make time for yourself and your loved ones! We are learning this every day.

- Carrie & Derek