Reusable Bubble Tea Cup started in August 2018 in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

We realized that reusable options in the bubble tea industry were unheard of and hard to find – so we created our own. Back in the early stages, whenever we brought our Reusable BBT Cups to use at various locations, the bobaristas often had to ask their manager if it was alright for them to accommodate our request to have our drinks made in our own Cups. We were so glad to hear it was never a problem. The most common questions we got asked was, “how big is this Cup?” and “where can I get one?”

We have made a splash in both our local and international communities with our innovative solution to the plastic crisis in the bubble tea industry.

Our customers have proven to the world that we are willing to carry our own cup. We have worked with municipal governments looking to encourage sustainability and also inspired numerous bubble tea stores to offer a bring-your-own-cup discount. We are also a Top 5 Finalist for the 2020 Small Business BC Awards. Each one of our customers, partners, and supporters are helping make reusables the norm once again. Join us, and enjoy waste-free bubble tea!

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